Sunday, February 27, 2011

5x5 High-Waisted Jeans: JYD big ups to RARA's Camel Toe


Big ups Ra Ra!!

Wear those girls high even though some may criticize.

I cannot count the number of comments I have received over the high-waisted jeans I wear.  Girls, I say, bodies are hot.  Why not show them off?  What are these big mouthed haters of the high waisted jeans afraid of?

There is nothing more hot and fashionable than breaking it up and there is nothing more rock'n roll than not givin' a shit.

Yeah babies bringing it back!!  70s high-waisted pants are one of the many reasons I love the 70s (and early 80s).  'Cus women looked like women in the media and fashion, and curves was what was hot.

Let us not forget girls Joan jet says it best.   Plus she knows how to rock the high-waisted jeans.


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