Thursday, February 17, 2011

5x5 GRRL: Concetta Kirschner


For 5x5's GRRL series, Lola's pick of HAWT insane bitches has to go to Concetta Kirschner, the bad ass behind  Princess Superstar. 

She started in 1994 and hasn't looked back.

Princess Superstar mixes hip hop and electro beats setting her bar high as a white female rapper.   She also finds the time to fly around the world to dj hott jams that will make any girl hott in the pants.

When it comes to fashion she is classic with a side of 'I don't give a fuck'.  Knowing she is a total babe, she rocks everything like her own. She is on 'the do's' 100% of the time.

Only a talented hot blonde can rock this with out looking like a total waste bag.

What a babe! mixing a classic 1930's face vale with a lace tank

Hipstered out! (while the term lasts), or a 13 year old emo kids wet dream.

Fun fact not only is she a talented trend setting babe she is also a vegan! 


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Eliesha said...

Effing looooove the Princess! Good call lovergirl LOLA

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