Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5x5 Boots: Rock your Socks


It was around 7pm Saturday night and I was half way through a gin and tonic trying to decide what to wear.  I was getting ready to play a show as front woman for my gritty two-piece rock band at Toronto's Silver Dollar.

I was in good hands, gal pal JYD had come up for the weekend and she was up to the task.  We were both getting ready in the living room of my apartment.  The boyfriend was gone so we could strut around to the various mirrors ensuring an accurate view of our chosen ensembles.  

I grabbed the fish net tights, the leather mini skirt I had picked up for a steal and threw on the boyfriend's favourite thread-bare rock-T.  "it's only got a couple of wears left in it, but I give this one to you," I was told on the phone.  Okay - looking pretty good but what am i gonna put on my feet?  It's February in Toronto mind you and loading gear in and out of the club can be chilly business.  

I threw on some off-white knee high socks.  Ok we've got warmth covered here. 

I tried on my "go to" grey kitten heel ankle boots.  Not quite right.  Then the scuffed and worn paddock boots...  Maybe for a lankier gal but not right for this bod.  How about the strappy brown heels?  Nope the socks bunched and looked messy.  Ok we're running out of time, and boots.  How about the white/light blue, mid calf, metal accented Diesel cowboy boots I got for my Bday?  Jack pot!  It needs something else though - how about a few of my favourite band pins on the side just here?  Perfection, and without a moment to spare.

Like a red hot flash were In the van and to the show.  The opening band gave out cap guns spray painted light blue.  I'll stick that in my boot and rock it.

See a review of the show with video at Hotkid Now Magazine.  

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