Sunday, February 20, 2011

5x5 Fabric Mission: Pass or Fail?

5x5 Clothing

I'm tough.

Living in a foreign (non-english speaking,'developing') country ain't a piece of cake.

So when tasked with sourcing fabric for 555's Spring launch, I was up for a challenge.

The night before though, I had broken up with my ultra-shitty Thai boyfriend for the 50th time--screaming over balconies, cryin' in the street, whole bit.  

I woke up, hungover. Draggin a heavy heart.  Dreading the small crowded alley-ways of Bangkok's Sam Peng fabric market--a seething mass in 40 degree weather.  

Today was the only day I was going to be in Bangkok, so it was pass or fail, win or die trying.
oh god! which buttons????
I got to the market by 10 am. Where to start?  My bangs have already plastered to my forehead with sweat and every time someone brushes against me, I wanna punch faces. 

Get your shit together, Ra Ra, I kept coaxing myself...but how was I to pick 555 Babe Gear when I felt like a hopeless fuck head?

I found some crappy stool to sit down on, squished against some random fabric and an old lady selling dried bananas.  Almost at the point of defeat......

And then. A miracle. 

My Sharona. Starts Playing. Across the market.  

Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!  Dun na na na na na... Jump up...Dun na na na na a little dance... Dun na na na na na.....Feel myself coming alive...Dun na na na na na....My Sharona!!!

555 Babe Gear here I come! Get the fuck outta my way (please).    

8 hours later, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Proceeded to drink some beers with the lady vendors.   

Thank you THE KNACK!!

5x5 Spring 2011 is gonna be smokin hot.  

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