Thursday, March 3, 2011

5x5: Who Made Your Clothes?


Globalized economy.  WTO. Free Trade Agreements.  This is our world system.

Maybe 50 years ago, your clothes would have been manufactured in your country, but now, more often than not, all aspects of your daily babe-piece have come from all reaches of our tiny globe.

Ok, this is a reality.  But lost in the web of transnational corps and world trade bodies are the real people.

Who made your clothes?  

You probably have absolutely no idea.  And sad but true, the country with the poorest human rights protection wins the manufacturing contract.  Don't think conditions akin to slave labour are a thing of the past!

So 5x5, wtf are you gonna do about it?

Introducing (drum roll pls!)...... Pi Tan!!  Real Seamstress Extraordinare!

Quiet, with an at-times biting sense of humour, Pi Tan supports her family with her small seamstress business.  

She's now an expert on fit for foreigners (we have ass n' titties!) but still likes to point at my crotch and ask me if I'm sure it's not going to fall out of my really short shorts (!)

So who made your clothes?

PI TAN!!!  

55x is big on real people and small exclusive runs for you!

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