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Rita Hayworth: Spanish Margarita

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Rita Hayworth.  Ultimate glamorous 40s babe known as one of the most talented dancers and actresses of her time. Lusty pin-up girl, femme-fatale and Spanish dancing queen.

She lived a glamorous life, but one that was wrought with bad dudes, alcohol and a troubled relationship with her on-screen personas.  

Rita was born Margarita Carmen Cansino.  Her father had immigrated to America from Spain, descended from a line of famous Spanish dancers. 

Margarita began taking dance lessons from her father at the age of three, and had spent most of her girlhood rehearsing. She danced with her father on stage professionally, and supported her family through the depression with her performances.

After her father moved the family to Hollywood, Margarita began her transition to Rita. In order to give her a look that would appeal to wider audiences, Fox studio heads encouraged Rita to de-ethnicize herself, to moderate her 'foreign' look. Rita lightened her dark hair into a deep red, and actually underwent electrolysis to raise her hairline on her forehead. 

Transformation complete, Rita went on to become a babe with some of the most amazing clothes in history.  The three following gowns were all designed by Jean Louis for her role in Gilda

Top to bottom sequined mermaid gown.   

A bare mid-driff two-piece evening gown   The bare mid-drift is a classic 1940s look, used widely from gowns to playsuits.   

The  black satin gown she wore for the famous one glove strip tease scene in Gilda.  The dress even has its own Wikipedia page. 

A barely there floral lace bodiced knock-out gown worn in You Were Never Lovelier 

 Rita also had an astounding, enviable and unparalleled collection of playsuits:

Here is Rita's white sharkskin picnic playsuit, complete with a high waisted shorts and broad shoulders.  Sharkskin is a type of rayon fabric, if you're wondering!

Off the shoulder deep v neckline with three quarter length sleeves? Yes!  

Spanish flare playsuit with matching boldero? Yes!  

Although she never felt like the seductive Gilda character, and often tried to retreat from Hollywood to seek a more simple lifestyle,  Rita was one of the most beautiful and alluring women of the 20th century.  A top-notch babe!  

5x5 will be taking our playsuit clue from Rita in 2013. Look out and get ready!   

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