Sunday, June 3, 2012

5x5: Girl Drummers!

5x5 Clothing

Girl drummers! Female drummers! 

5x5 realizes that fashion can't just be about style--walk the walk, talk the talk, and rock the rock! 

So who best to teach us about rock than female drummers. 

Take Sandy West (pictured above). One of the first female rock drummers to ever make it to the top, in her band The Runaways.  Sandy played drums since she was a kid, and damn she was a fucking hard hittin' drummer.  After the demise of the Runaways, she apparently turned into a thug strong-man, breakin' people's arms for money owed.  Bad ass. 

Next up, Lori Barbero, drummer for 1990s punk grunge band, Babes in Toyland.  Babes in Toyland worked their asses off to be respected in the boy world of punk rock, and damn, they were a tight outfit.  A drummer on par with dudes in the same scene. 

More recently, uber indie and practically unknown LA band Static Static has a solid girl drummer named Lesley (last name unknown!).  A punk rock dance band they have been described as "out of place, but still sharp and heavy enough to fracture your skull if provoked, and full of enough angular and bent noise to cave in your prettiest features before you know what's happened."  I agree. Lesley is simple but fucking solid, the way I like it.  

When I was in Barcelona Spain last year, I had the pleasure of checking out Chiquita y Chatarra, as part of their label Discos Humeantes' anniversary party.  A two piece girl rock band,  I was sold on their seering guitar and dancey beats. Both girls play drums, switching up between bass, guitar and drums.   

Here in Thailand we have rock band Abuse the Youth's drummer Jureeporn Gamontummagul.  Tending toward more of a hardcore style, Jureeporn definitely holds her own as the backbone of this band. Sweet kit set up too. 

And of course, you have yours truly, drumming for all girl Itchy Band in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  When I say PUNK, you say, TURN IT UP!!  Check out our new album We Didn't Land on the Moon.  

Also something I just found, Tom Tom Magazine, focusing on all girl drummers. Wow cool! 

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