Thursday, April 14, 2011

5x5 Welcomes the 1930s, anytime!


I’m starting to think that, in a past life,  I must have been alive in the 1930s (and at some point in Jamaica since I always want reggae music in my life, but that's a whole new blog that you’ll have to wait for).  

Now where was I... oh yeah... I’m totally drawn to 1930s fashion and  I’m happy to see a lot of 2011's spring trends are starting to have some of the 1930s vibes! 

Excited?!?! Fuck yeah!! 

What dolls! [above] How can you not be excited to slip into everything?  Those high wasted shorts fit like a glove, but yet she still looks like a lady--could empower any woman! 

Gorgeous!  Not only is the hat tailored to fit, but so is the super cute skirt-suit.  

And how charming is that shirt?  The sewn in bow tie is to die for.  I'm going to rock this in my every day life, what inspiration. 

Believe it or not, this is a newspaper ad for a wedding dress.  

Cate Blanchett’s Oscar dress from this year totally mimicked these square-cut flap sleeves. 

I would love to have it made in a teal silk, add a super vintage starched out lace and have the bow in purple with quilted hot pink thread.  Now that’s a party dress! 

From day to night, these ladies are the “dream babe team”!  

It may have been during the Great Depression, but these ladies still found the time to look their best.  


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