Friday, February 4, 2011

5x5 GRRL: Wendy O Williams


5x5 would like to start a 5x5 GRRL series, givin' ups and homage to women that really inspire us to be rock-steady broads.

And to kick it off, the first 5x5 GRRL has to go to Wendy O Willliams, singer for the 70s/80s punk/metal band, The Plasmatics.  

As someone long into punk, especially anything that came outta America in the 70s/80s, I was highly ashamed to not be familiar with Wendy O until last month. 


This broad knocked the socks off her hoards of fans by feeling herself up, wielding chainsaws, blowing shit up, all on stage, while singing heavy anti-establishment tunes.

And for the fashion realm, she has been credited with rockin' the first female mohawk.  

I totally dig the leopard tights and high-blonde pony-tail with shaved sides.  

I like this vid cuz it is a kool example of 5x5 moto 'Punk Romance,' bad-ass n sweet. Blow up a car while wearing pink high-waisted jeans and a white pop-top.  YES!

Way to rock, Wendy. RIP.  

Look out for more female mohawk and head shaving art posts, gonna get hotter, I guarantee.

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