Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mammoth Bone Jewellery!

Noor Fares mammoth earrings

Fossilized mammoth bone jewellery!  

Designers are increasingly looking for sustainable materials to fashion their wares.

But only in our delightful end-of-times world would mammoth bone become a sustainable option!  

MONIQUE PÉAN mammoth necklace

As the permafrost in Siberia melts, hundreds of thousands of fossilized mammoth bones are being exposed. Upper estimates suggest that there are over 150 million dead mammoths under the permafrost.

Russians are grabbing up on them and selling the tusks to eager buyers in China, where the ivory market from living elephants is still strong.  

The relatively high market value of the mammoth ivory is allowing whole villages to support themselves off its trade.  

Questions still remain of course, as to what effect the trade in mammoth ivory  will have on the illegal international elephant ivory trade.  It could either facilitate smuggling of elephant ivory under the guise of mammoth ivory, or reduce demand for illegal ivory.  Proper registration and oversight will be crucial to protect our remaining elephants and not lead to some more inglorious mass extinction.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

5x5 Summer 2013!!


Oh ladies! It's summer 2013 and we couldn't be more excited!! Bring on the sunshine, flowers, bicycles and sun hats! 

White denim sailor shorts and watermelon halter top, say yes! 

Cupcake Skirt and Top Set for summer parties!  

Sheer Peacock Print Dress for cruising around town! 

The Tennis Cut-Out Jumpsuit for sporty jaunts. 

And the Carmen Skirt and Top Set for everything in between! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iggy Azalea: Click Clack Bang Bang!


If you haven't heard about Iggy from her indy rap video for PU$$Y PU$$Y PU$$Y, you're bound to hear about her soon, for her various projects with T.I, Diplo and Steve Aoki, her campaign with Levis or her hot rump booty.  

Her rocket-rise to fame is pretty much to be expected.  Was she seriously the first one to call a song 'PU$$Y'?? In a mostly male/ black male dominated industry, she's up against a lot, but if she plays her cards right, she'll be one of the first stellar white babes to take over hip hop.  

At 5 foot 9 inches, and beautiful blonde locks, this Australian is bound to be the Misfit Millionaire she aspires to be!

5x5 is diggin hard on Iggy Azalea's style, taking heavy cues from the 1950s and even reppin heart sunglasses and icecream in her PU$$Y vid (a theme dear to 5x5's heart).  

Iggy's gone on record saying that the 50s was her favourite style era. It shows! Stripped bralette top with matching high-waisted skirt!

Iggy reps the barely there bralette, hard. Small boobs? Even better.   

Luscious in lip-printed overall shirt.  

"My outfit can murder bitches"

Geometric booty!

Kill it Iggy! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love n Care for your Vintage Fur!

5x5 Clothing

Vintage fur: a glamourous yes or political faux pas?

Upon coming back to Canada after mostly avoiding winter for many years, I didn't care much whether it was glamourous or politically correct. I was freezing and needed a solution ASAP! 

Thankfully I found a stellar blue fox fur coat (made in South Korea from Norwegian blue fox) second hand in my city for far less than what it was originally worth. Judging by the design and wear, I bet it was made in the early 80s.  

Although I vaguely feared someone throwing red paint on my fab find, I am consistently stopped on the street by people wanting to touch me....strange but I mostly can't say no to a petting ;)  

So ladies, here's what you need to know about buying and caring for your vintage fur:

  • First, make sure that all seams of the garment are still in tact, and there are no bald patches or scruffy areas. Wear tends to take place around the neckline, cuffs and elbows; rips in the armpits are common.
  • The fur should feel soft and supple, not brittle or waxy.
  • You should pay particular attention to the leather skins under the fur. Stiff, hard or cracked skins point to fur that was not well cared for. But I am told that even stiffened furs can be saved by skilled furriers (fur specialists!).  
  • Look out for yellowing in light coloured furs. You might want to bring your fur into the outdoor light to first make sure it hasn't been yellowed, by cigarette smoke for example. Smell the fur too! It shouldn't smell like mould! 
  • Check for any signs of insects too--little holes and patching.  

Look dreamy and warm!
Caring for your vintage fur:

  • Don't shove your fur in a dank closet with no air. Allow your fur to breath. This includes not storing your fur garment in a plastic bag. This is an ultimate fur no no!
  • Don't carry your purse on your shoulder or any other repeated actions that will wear fur in certain places. 
  • Avoid smokey places (or leave your fur in the car). 
  • Take your fur for cleaning every couple of years, I'm told this is the best way to ensure your fur lasts many winters.
So while you may not like the idea of fur, vintage stores in Toronto like the Public Butter are stocked full of second-hand furs looking for some love!  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rita Hayworth: Spanish Margarita

5x5 Clothing

Rita Hayworth.  Ultimate glamorous 40s babe known as one of the most talented dancers and actresses of her time. Lusty pin-up girl, femme-fatale and Spanish dancing queen.

She lived a glamorous life, but one that was wrought with bad dudes, alcohol and a troubled relationship with her on-screen personas.  

Rita was born Margarita Carmen Cansino.  Her father had immigrated to America from Spain, descended from a line of famous Spanish dancers. 

Margarita began taking dance lessons from her father at the age of three, and had spent most of her girlhood rehearsing. She danced with her father on stage professionally, and supported her family through the depression with her performances.

After her father moved the family to Hollywood, Margarita began her transition to Rita. In order to give her a look that would appeal to wider audiences, Fox studio heads encouraged Rita to de-ethnicize herself, to moderate her 'foreign' look. Rita lightened her dark hair into a deep red, and actually underwent electrolysis to raise her hairline on her forehead. 

Transformation complete, Rita went on to become a babe with some of the most amazing clothes in history.  The three following gowns were all designed by Jean Louis for her role in Gilda

Top to bottom sequined mermaid gown.   

A bare mid-driff two-piece evening gown   The bare mid-drift is a classic 1940s look, used widely from gowns to playsuits.   

The  black satin gown she wore for the famous one glove strip tease scene in Gilda.  The dress even has its own Wikipedia page. 

A barely there floral lace bodiced knock-out gown worn in You Were Never Lovelier 

 Rita also had an astounding, enviable and unparalleled collection of playsuits:

Here is Rita's white sharkskin picnic playsuit, complete with a high waisted shorts and broad shoulders.  Sharkskin is a type of rayon fabric, if you're wondering!

Off the shoulder deep v neckline with three quarter length sleeves? Yes!  

Spanish flare playsuit with matching boldero? Yes!  

Although she never felt like the seductive Gilda character, and often tried to retreat from Hollywood to seek a more simple lifestyle,  Rita was one of the most beautiful and alluring women of the 20th century.  A top-notch babe!  

5x5 will be taking our playsuit clue from Rita in 2013. Look out and get ready!   

Friday, August 3, 2012

Deap Vally: Rockin some heavy style

5x5 Clothing

Deap Vally is a bluesy two-piece hailing from San Fernando valley in Southern California. Guitarist Lindsay Troy and drummer Julie Edwards are starting a buzz among lovers of dirty rock and hot ass alike.  

Described as Juliette Lewis covering the White Stripes, the girls are pushing the bad ass Thelma and Louise lifestyle.  I'm not quite convinced but, hey, I dig the style.  

The drummer rocks a body suit of sorts with white-fringed arms. Basically a must for a hot girl drummer.  Fringed white vest-shirts are a standard for the guitarist, as well. Nice work.  

Petal pink see-through camie-jumper in the hills, into it.  

A Bam-Bam style cropped vest-halter in leopard print and high waisted shorts. Yes pls.  

So, check out their new vid, see what you think.  There's a chance all that ass and sexy pizza eating may distract from their music though!! 

PS I hope that car is theirs

Sunday, June 3, 2012

5x5: Girl Drummers!

5x5 Clothing

Girl drummers! Female drummers! 

5x5 realizes that fashion can't just be about style--walk the walk, talk the talk, and rock the rock! 

So who best to teach us about rock than female drummers. 

Take Sandy West (pictured above). One of the first female rock drummers to ever make it to the top, in her band The Runaways.  Sandy played drums since she was a kid, and damn she was a fucking hard hittin' drummer.  After the demise of the Runaways, she apparently turned into a thug strong-man, breakin' people's arms for money owed.  Bad ass. 

Next up, Lori Barbero, drummer for 1990s punk grunge band, Babes in Toyland.  Babes in Toyland worked their asses off to be respected in the boy world of punk rock, and damn, they were a tight outfit.  A drummer on par with dudes in the same scene. 

More recently, uber indie and practically unknown LA band Static Static has a solid girl drummer named Lesley (last name unknown!).  A punk rock dance band they have been described as "out of place, but still sharp and heavy enough to fracture your skull if provoked, and full of enough angular and bent noise to cave in your prettiest features before you know what's happened."  I agree. Lesley is simple but fucking solid, the way I like it.  

When I was in Barcelona Spain last year, I had the pleasure of checking out Chiquita y Chatarra, as part of their label Discos Humeantes' anniversary party.  A two piece girl rock band,  I was sold on their seering guitar and dancey beats. Both girls play drums, switching up between bass, guitar and drums.   

Here in Thailand we have rock band Abuse the Youth's drummer Jureeporn Gamontummagul.  Tending toward more of a hardcore style, Jureeporn definitely holds her own as the backbone of this band. Sweet kit set up too. 

And of course, you have yours truly, drumming for all girl Itchy Band in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  When I say PUNK, you say, TURN IT UP!!  Check out our new album We Didn't Land on the Moon.  

Also something I just found, Tom Tom Magazine, focusing on all girl drummers. Wow cool! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

5x5 Clothing: Bardot Sweetheart Halter

5x5 Clothing       

Girls, let's get hot and set standards.

Let's take control and look smokin' while we do it. 

The best place to start? 

A perfect pink hue to get you glowing, and sneaky turquoise polka dots to compliment!  Delicate smocking at back, seductively long bow, and covered buttons, desire cannot wait!  

The sweetest of bust lines combined with the baddest of girls, a combo suited for Brigitte Bardot!  

Check out 5x5's facebook for ordering! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

5x5 Summer 2012: Babes, Motorcycles and Ice Cream

5x5 Clothing

Summer 2012 is coming up ladies, so you better get belted, buckled and booted and hit the road in your most babely fashion.  And to do just that, 5x5 has all your babe gear to get it done right! 

Whether it's the Bardot Sweetheart Halter or the Pussycat Playsuit, go from eating ice cream on the street corner, then cruise the back roads on your sexy motorcycle.  

Or be a little bit more like Bess--lounge in the yard with your Mint Julep Pedal Pushers, then pose on your 1970s cherry red Honda Super Cub C 70 motorcycle, cuz you're just that hot. 

The Motor Psycho Shorts will really steal the show! Be like Ra Ra on her pink pussy cat Honda C 90 motorcycle and show the boys who's boss. 

Bitches in the front!  Suit up and roll girls, a Russ Meyer fantasy ;)  

More 2012 5x5 pieces available at 5x5clothing.com 

Monday, April 2, 2012

5x5: Dare to Flare!

5x5 Clothing

Silhouettes are changing again, y'all. We're talking bow-chicka-wow-wow back to the skin-tight-to-the-knee then fabric-free-for-all bellbottoms. 

Day: vintage tee, Levi's denim jacket, and a peep of last spring's
Swedish Hasbeen's for H&M.

This is in part a shout-out to JYD's shout out (Big Ups to RaRa's Camel Toe) to RaRa's O.G. Don't Fear the Camel-toe post. For camel-toes are oft involved in this 70s invocation. We're loving every split second of it! 

The class and sass of the Seventies:
Chloé Fall 2010

At your pool party in Malibu, drinking Valerian cocktails:
Alice + Olivia Spring 2012

We've seen the swingin' bellbottom making another comeback as early as Fall 2010 (think Chloé). Now we're seeing it everywhere; from the over-the-top runway homages of Alice + Olivia to the witchy goth revivalists behind Bona Drag and Black Pyramid. Both viably sourced from the 70s. 

I've been sittin' on my own pair of crushed velvet bellbottoms for a little while now--are they kind of man-repellant or is it just me?--but they are freaking awesome and let me unleash my inner rock goddess.

Night: 5x5 Candy Crop Top, Vince Camuto platform clogs, rings up the wazoo.

Me and this girl had a similar idea. I'm a fan!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5x5 Clothing: CSS Bitches are Hot!

5x5 Clothing

So, in December last year I went to Barcelona, Spain. And as I'm looking through Le Cool  to see if any cool shows are going on, I was thrilled to realize that CSS was in town--the sexy ladies of Cansei de Ser Sexy, the super fun Brazilian electropoprock band.

Of course, the show was awesome and I got a bunch of awesome pics of singer Lovefoxxx and my hot guitarist crush Luiza Sá. Unfortunately for me, my phone was stolen at a male stripclub in Thailand on New Year's Eve.....all pics GONE!!

Either way, I wanted to include Cansei de Ser Sexy in a 5x5 post: Although the name means 'tired of being sexy' the girls put on a ridiculously sexy show, especially cuz I got a thing for girls that look like hot badass boys. 

The whole band had an awesome vibe, smiling, laughing, jumping around, lookin' as though they were actually having a blast.  

Singer Lovefoxxx is always looking ridiculous, seemingly not taking herself seriously. Love it! She's known for full sparkly spandex suits, but at the Barcelona show, she came out wearing a curly haired wig and like 5 layers of sweatshirts that she slowly stripped off. 

The boyish sexy Ana Rezende. 

And my fav, Luiza Sá.

Here's CSS's City Girl from their 2011 album La Liberacion (so not mad at the oversized yellow catman sweater)

And the now classic Alala--zombies and cat fights .