Sunday, August 21, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Paging Dr. Spencer Reid!

5x5 Clothing 

K, guilty!  I have a total crush on Dr. Spencer Reid!  Umm who is that you might ask? He is the super cute nerdy doctor from Criminal Minds (a TV show, following cases from the behavioral unit within the FBI)

In real life Dr. Reid is Matthew Gray Gubler, former Fashion Model!!

What I love about him, in general, is how he doesn't seem to try when it comes to dressing himself.  Simple, classic cuts that look great and make him look amazing!  He pays attention to what is hot and makes it his own.  

He is for sure my top "Hunk" pick 

Fun fact:  He played an intern in "Life Aquatic"


darling.nikki said...

I must say, I am very surprised this guy was a model, heroin chic!

Jessaboo said...

he is sooooo cute!!!

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