Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Anita Pallenberg "Sexy Fucking Bitch"

5x5 Clothing 

If Keith Richards calls you a "sexy fucking bitch," I pretty much think that means you get to rule the world, at least for a couple decades.

And it appears that is just what sexy bitch Anita Pallenberg did..and depending who you talk to...still does.

So I hope I don't have to introduce who Keith Richards is but honestly, I had to "remind" someone who that was recently--I almost screamed 'the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, you fiend'.  

Ms Pallenberg was the girlfriend of said Keith Richards, and eventually gave birth to two of his children, but only after she was the long-time girlfriend of the other Stones guitarist, Brian Jones.  She later had some sexy relations with Mick Jagger as well. Holy!

So I've been reading Keith Richard's autobiography Life, and while most of it is about music and touring, there are glimpses of all his fab ladies over the years, including Anita--her style and position as Queen of Kool back in the early 60s and on.  

Richard's notes that Anita had a "huge influence on the style of the times" and that he usually just wore her clothes, anything that was "lying around".  Full lace berry-juice coloured blouse, with grape mini skirt and low slung belt, and matching rock boyfriend.....shit.  

Not just a rock girlfriend, she had roles in a bunch of movies at the time and knew all the avant-garde directors and performers throughout Europe and especially in Rome, where she was born.  Her roles included The Great Tyrant, in Barbarella [pictured above].  

 T-shirt jumper! Camel-toe!  
And according to Marianne Faithfull:  "She gave this incredible smile, which was quite frightening too, all those teeth. Like a wolf, like a cat that got the cream. . . She was gorgeous because she was so beautifully dressed, always in the perfect costume".

Glorious sixties hip chick, we salute you! 


parachute-woman said...

Ms Pallenberg was/is a very interesting woman. Her style was often imitated...unsuccessfully by others.

"She was the long term girlfriend of the other Stones guitarist, Mick Jones."....what???

ra ra said...

Brian Jones!!!! thanks ;)

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