Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5x5 Toronto Vintage Shop: Public Butter

The Public Butter - 1290 Queen St. West, Toronto ON

After a meeting with the video director guy at 555 Richmond St. Toronto, HK headed over to The Cadillac Lounge for a meeting with the manager dude.  We had some time to kill between meetings so Robature III suggested we check out The Public Butter, an awesome vintage shop right beside the Cadillac on Queen St. west.

The shop was open late and there was a great big sale sign in the front window.  What more could you ask for?!

Let's see what we've got here.... Silk screened rock T's and the obligatory printed baby rocker gear placed neatly on the table near the front.  The store was studded with retro furniture including the sweet green leather sofa in the front window.

This tasseled yellow shirt and sequin encrusted blouses were priced at just under $20

Scarf Display

No self respecting vintage shop would be complete without some sweet scarves and belts.  These accessories can take a dull and drab outfit to the next level.

Belts: skinny, stretchy and studded

Skinny, stretchy and studded, all the belts were priced at $20.  There were some real charmers in this collection let me tell you.   

Buffalo Check in green, red, blue and black

All winter clothes, including fur and sheepskin coats were half off.  This lovely collection of wool buffalo check were on offer for 10 bucks a piece.  Some vintage L.L. Bean anyone?

The shop's prices were reasonable and the selection was well organized and diverse for both guys and gals.  The sale prices were definitely an incentive to pick up some cozy winter gear despite the promise of springs near arrival.  

This rocker will definitely be taking another churn at the Public Butter in the near future.

Bonus Track:  JYD takes this casual Sunday look and makes it go the distance: a buffalo check shirt paired with a carefully chosen pirate scarf.  

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