Friday, February 25, 2011

5x5 Rocks Out With Destroylet, The Most Colourful Band Since Glam

This musical seed was first planted very very late on New Year's Eve--rather more like very very early in the morning of New Year's Day (2011)--when 5x5's Ra Ra played a wild impromptu gig with the always resplendently dressed Los Saicos in a delightfully seedy artist-run studio. They met over guitar amp, drum kit, and microphone, and it was magical. Seeing as Ra Ra promptly abandoned the snowy streets of Toronto for the sensuous heat of Thailand, Los Saicos turned to me (Margot, otherwise Monosodium Glutamate) for some guitarly gratification.

After one jam session, Los (henceforth known as Diatribe Tuberculosis) announced that we promptly need an official band name because he booked us a show. With two other bands. Uptown. In a Frozen Yogurt shop. 

Thus, Destroylet was conceived. With two other members in tow--dubbed Menacing Maple Syrup and Enlightened Child--we cruised on in to this brightly lit, family friendly establishment (which had been expecting an acoustic folk night) with stacks of amps and electric guitars aplenty, getting ready to play songs that were, let's just say, unfit for the sensitive ears of the gaggle of children waiting patiently with their yogurt while we set up. 

Destroylet did not hesitate to make an impact on the eyes, either. After a quick wardrobe change, Diatribe trooped out in my Gucci-esque zippered leather tights, a tassled tie-dye shirt, and the most amazing pentagram pendant that would have sent any goth rocker into transports of sinister delight. Enlightened Child sported the sweetest high-waisted polkadot shorts with a simple white tee (good thinking!), and that sheet black hoisery was the (yogurt) icing on the cake. I chose to go all out for this one with my 50s cherry dress, complete with tulle underskirt and all, but toned it down all modern-like with my mean shoulder-padded leather jacket. Taking it all the way to the next level was Menacing Maple Syrup, who came out in his favourite Beefheart t-shirt and reggae towel. Yep, a reggae towel.
Left to Right: Enlightened Child, Margot, Diatribe, MMS
 5x5 is not really sure how Destroylet will top this, but cannot wait to find out.

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