Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5x5 Grrl: Risky, Sexy, PEACHES

I don't give a fuck!

My pick for insanely talented music female artist is Merrill Beth Nisker.  

Who the fuck is that, you might ask yourself: it's the brains and pussy behind Peaches. Canadian hot bitch and electronic musician.  

She is best known for her dirty, sexually explicit lyrics and stage shows.  

yeah I’m rocking a camel toe, what you gonna do about it? 

From dildos to group pet downs, her on-stage performances only enhance her music and overall bad-ass vibe!  She pushes the limits of not only her music but her fashion as well.

Love the metallic zipper suit!

 Well before Gaga was taking all the fame and glory for amazing stage outfits and overall “weirdness” little did you know Peaches has been doing this since ‘95.  

Keep it comin', Peaches!

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