Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A 5x5er's Dilemma: Don't Flop, Crop Top!

5x5 Clothing

Belly buttons. Remember those? Haven't really seen 'em since fluorescent bike short and colour-blocked crop top combos circa 1996.

So let me get a little Seinfeld here for a moment (imagine the nasal voice)... What's the deal with crop tops?

It's awesome to track the way they have changed silhouettes over the last few seasons, and I adore them in theory, but every time I get ready to go out the door with a bit o' that stom showing I second guess myself.

Is it too much skin, even for summer? Wearing a crop top to the beach-- NO PROBLEM! But out to a bar? Still too risque? To work? Ain't gon' happen! (I work at a recycled clothing boutique and the dress code is totally relaxed, but even then...). Wear a tank top underneath? Lame! Even if it's the thinnest fabric I still feel like it adds bulk. 

5x5 Girls, I need your help! Seriously! Is it finally okay to lift the bare midriff ban pounded into our subconsciences since elementary school?

Oh yeah, rockin' our high-waisted Lolita shorts definitely helps.

P.S. If you are into this new fave necklace of mine, it's by The Wild Moon, f.y.i. Asia Clarke's mystically magical jewelry is available at Pretty Freedom, along with 5x5's exclusive line!


darling.nikki said...

You can pull it off but for me.... I don't think so.

I think thats what every gal thinks when it comes crop tops, but my vote is go for it!

5x5 Clothing said...

Look girlfriend, just wear some uber high-waisted jeans, and you got a crop-top dream!

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