Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5x5: New Hotkid Rip It Into Pieces Video!

5x5 Clothing

So if you haven't yet seen Hotkid's Rip It Into Pieces video, oh boy are you missing out!

Not only do you get to see Shiloh ascend to the skies in a Bowie Labyrinth inspired handmade faux-leather, one-armed jacket, but you also get to see glass boxes of squished wrestler-painted Toronto indie rockers.  To that I say, YES!

Since Shiloh is a 5x5 Girl, we knew she'd have the fashion visuals of the video down, so I asked her to give us some of the details on inspiration for the video.

RA RA: How did you come up with your warrior-esque goddess costume?

Shi: I had a vision of myself suspended in air wearing some elaborate flowing gown, some ridiculous unreal costume, that would just be really visually stimulating.  I told the director, Alon Isocianu, my plans to make such an outfit and he was into it.  A week before the shoot Alon asked how the dress was going and if he could see a picture of it.  I told him it was going well, "almost done," when in fact I had not yet started said costume.  So I got some material from Value Village, and Lens Mills (wicked end of the line fabric store in Cambridge, ON) some tassel material and tools from downtown T.O. and started construction.  I wanted something long, big and dramatic but not too overwhelming so i made a bustle half skirt thing that could be worn over a shorter skirt.  I wanted a more structured top, referencing Lady Gaga;    

Or even Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

After watching Labyrinth before going to bed one night, I was struck with the inspiration to make a Labyrinth-Bowie style jacket.  

I had used this cheap stretchy fake leather material once before for a Halloween costume so I grabbed some and started hacking it up.

I embellished it with rhinestones I had off an older dress and friend's collection of metal trinkets she had since high-school.  In a manic high i actually beaded an intricate pattern on the front tassel loin cloth piece, which you obviously cannot see in the video, but they are there believe me. The one arm tassel was probably inspired by the Macho Man - may he rest in piece.     

RA RA: how about your jeans and shirt ensemble?
The jeans I got at the Value Village in Cambridge on a 50% off day.  The very sheer undershirt material tank I've had for quite some time, not sure where I got it.  The boots are Aldo and I've had them forever as well.  The necklace was sent to me my by foster child Marsella from Indonesia; It's got an awesome energy to it, I think it helps me stay grounded when I have it on.  

I wanted to try and elongate my legs so high heeled boots and high waisted pants was the trick. I also wanted to contrast the crazy outfit with something really simple but still sexy.      

RA RA: And the hair and makeup?

My good friend, hairstylist Jenny Smylie did the hair for the shoot.  She brought the long feathers and the blond extensions for the up-do with my costume.  We had to keep in mind that Alon was going to be working with the green screen so we had to keep the hair rather clean - no big frizzies because it would be impossible to substitute the green screen in post production.  I loved the big hair! We also had two wonderful make up chicks workin with us that day - they drew on 80's wrestlers and traditional war paint for the extras. It was the first time I ever had airbrushed makeup on--pretty neat really!                                 

Check it out fer yourselves, ladies! Girlfriend knows how to rip it up!


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