Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5x5: Fall Line in the Works!

5x5 Clothing

So I arrived back in Thailand from my hot n heavy trip back home to Canada, and immediately, hit the sweaty alley of Sam Peng fabric market.

While not suffering from a hung over battered heart, the jet lag was enough to put anyone in a sort-of mind smear.  But when it comes to fabrics, textures, colours, shapes, no one was ever harmed by some LSD-esque influences.....right?

Anyway, suffice to say, everything went smooth, and I completed the mission within 2 days, and dropped everything off to our lovely seamstress.  

A tripper's dream?  or nightmare??

So the highlight of my trip was this Button-Man.  His shop is on the main street (not the crowded alley) so I actually had never seen him before.  

A glorious shop filled with many wondrous things, the best of which were the buttons. 

In the Western world, I'd have to say, given our fast n cheap consumption habits, the art of buttontry has been lost.  I could have fawned over these lil brass and glass beauties all day. Unfortunately, however, these babies go for over $1.50 per piece!! 

So, like, what I'm trying to say is: get ready for the fall line, 5x5 Girls!  It will be a non-hippy, dazed-inspired, glass-button-longing, ready-to-conquer, fashion indulgence!

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