Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Pippa Middleton, Who ya be?

Love the brown Animal Print!
5x5 Clothing  

So after watching "Say Yes to the Dress", "Cake Boss", and let's not kid, a lil "Kate plus 8" (!!!),  I kept seeing the same advertising for yet another new show for TLC (like they don't already have enough!!).  They kept showing the same ad over and over again, and after a long time tuning it out,  it finally got my attention  (late ya, I know!).

So, Who the fuck is Pippa Middleton?!?? 

Well she just ended her relationship to Alex Loudon
Born September 6th 1983; ummm, She will have a show all about her on TLC and Oh, and she was the Maid of Honour for her sister in April.  You know, Kate Middleton, she just married Prince William, and made fascinators the talk of the media after her wedding!!

So lets she how she does in regards to what I care about, FASHION!!

Looking Good!

Looks good, but safe.

So after spending some time on the web snooping around on our new claim to fame girl, my thoughts are simple.  She will have a hard time stepping outta "Kate Middleton's" lil sis shadow.  Although she is super cute, her fashion is safe and simple.  But, it's still early!!

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