Sunday, March 6, 2011

5x5 Wants to Get Into Spring!



What a great time of year for us snow bunnies to finally dress with out layers.  

New trends for 2011 are definitely 70s inspired looks.  High wasted pants, floral prints and hour glass shapes welcome back the woman figure.  No more confusion! Is that a boy or girl?

Cute!   This pic to the left reminds me of the Cindy Crowford Pepsi add from the 90s.  With the tore up feel of the jean shorts and the cute but sexy top paired with an open toe current sandal makes me want to go to the beach! 

Love this white over-sized tunic. 

I can picture it with a hot pink or mint green tight tank top or bra cover to give it an extra “oh yeah I look hot today”. 

Throw on your sailor pants, add a cute open kitten toe heel and your ready to go!

Yup! the jumper is back.  Expect to see it in short combos and pant combos.  

Just think how easy it will be to get dressed in the morning!! Can’t wait.

I would add a bright purple belt to accentuate the waste, and a tighter cardigan... just saying! 

Hair Trends! 

Finally getting back to classic 1930s vibes.  My Favorite! Despite their hard times, those ladies truly had amazing hair and fashion.  Look for the more natural feel.  Big soft curls, messy buns, straight with a wind blown look and more!

 I can’t wait to bust out some big Chunes this spring / summer!!! 

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