Friday, March 4, 2011

5x5 Inspiration : Jem and the Holograms Sure Know How to Party !!


Everybody knows fashion is cyclical. It goes round and round and round, picking up slight silhouette changes as it goes. It was only a matter of time before our childhood fashion crimes came back to haunt us. But this time around, we are older, wiser and more confident!

This spring I'm going to embrace my love of Jem and her besties, the Holograms. Tight hot pink dress paired with pastel tights? Fuck ya! You better believe I'm going to be wearing a silver tassel belt too!

Okay wait, maybe not so much... But I'll definitly steal some hot elements from these classy broads.

It's all about neon, animal prints in non traditional colours, high boots and coloured tights.

I know we've always been told one print is enough, but that just isn't so!
Mix it up, get crazy and wear multiple prints in one outfit..It's going to be hard to break your preconceived notions, but I promise it's going to be a good time. Try to ease into it with stripes and polkadots in one look. Next time get super sassy and throw something floral into the mix.

Jem has so many bffs that there's a girl out there for everyone.. Emulate her style this spring, and I guarantee the party is never gunna stop.

I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want this bow dress!!
Oh Jem, yer so Truly Truly Truly amazing ! (okay that was cheeese)


Anonymous said...

So cute! love it xo

555 Clothing and Design said...

I think 555 is gonna do a version of that bow dress....why the fuck not

555 Clothing and Design said...

don't forget the Misfits...they have so much more attitude!!!!

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