Friday, March 4, 2011

5x5's Oscar Best and Worst


Let's not kid, we all love to watch the Oscars and talk about what the women are wearing.

We love to see whats new, and imagine wearing it, walking down the red carpet.  Or totally bash it....
So my pick for Best Dressed has to go to Cate Blanchett

How charming!  Not only is the colour great, but the vintage feel you get with the apron type outline feel makes this dress beautiful.

A babe in anything she wears.

Worst has to go to Jennifer Lawrence, what the hell was she thinking? 

Hot pink 80’s art deco shoulders, with a black velvet bow and too much length puts you at the top of my list dear Jenny!  Don’t get me wrong the colour is great on her, but would have been a better choice to eliminate those straps and extra material would make it a winner.

(p.s what the hell was that lady in the back thinking?  Looks like she is wearing leather sandals and stole her shitty dress from her kid's 8th grade grad).

Okay, Ive lost total hope!  “Cigarettes here! get your cigarettes here!”.Chokers went out with doing heroin to be cool in the mid 90s lady, did you not get the memo?

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