Friday, March 11, 2011

5x5 Horses: Pony Play!


As an equestrian, I’m always into seeing horse-culture inspired clothes and accessories.

Although you pay more for it, and you wear it serving no purpose to its actual use,  you still look good in my books.

Oh yeah!  Zorro what up?  Who says you can’t pair a chest plate with a crop and call it fashion?

Or this li'l gem!  

Field boots, with lunge whip belt and a one piece jodper riding pant suit, in the colour tan, of course.  

Love how the runway is made to look like paddock footing for the lovely ladies to trot down.

I would like to see these little fashionistas do this with their newly bought fashion riding apparel.  

Heels down!

How does the saying go... save a horse ride a cowboy? what does that even mean?

Nothing beats the hot and trendy cowboy!  Add a fringe and some sparkle and you got it down to a science.

Although it serves no function in the real riding world, it sure is nice to look at!

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