Saturday, March 12, 2011

5x5 Thai Designer: Hey Pilgrim! Clothing


5x5 takes its DIY attitude from the people that do it best--Thai people!

So 5x5 would like to give a BIG UP and a WOOT WOOT to a couple of Thailand's best indie designers.

To start it all off is Hey Pilgrim! Clothing, a screenprinted t-shirt design initiative of sisters Am and Aui.  

They follow a fair-trade ethos with no nonsense t-shirt design.

Trippy geometric black and white

Wolfie don't play that

Bunny love.

In Canada, Hey Pilgrim! is distributed by Some Product Apparel.  Most of their sales are in Europe though, primarily Spain,France,UK, and Ireland.  

Their shop in Bangkok's Chatuchuck Weekend Market is always hoppin', stop by if you're in town!  

Be their FB friend, how 'bout it.

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