Sunday, April 10, 2011

5X5: the new 555


RIP 555

Introducing 5x5 Clothing!!!

It was a passionate love affair.  

Promises of the future. Declarations of undying love. Hot exchanges in the bedroom.  

But like many mad lovers, 555 Clothing has been wrenched from our hearts.  

You see, we knew about that OTHER rich and famous clothing company that we can't even bring ourselves to utter the name of; suffice to say that they dominated the heart and mind of our 555 lover--so much so, that if they knew we were lovin' on their 555, only problems would ensue in the future.

So, we had to break up with 555.  

But have no fear, we have met a lover that is far more hot, more smart and more wild.

5X5 Clothing.

5X5 keeps all the sexy notions about love and clothing that we had before: 5X5 Clothing is a 5 Canadian girl design team with clothing hand made in Thailand, with small exclusive runs for you. Made by real people for real lovers.  

Watch this space for our Summer launch! We can't wait to show it off!      

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