Monday, June 20, 2011

Who are you 5x5: Margot: Saucy Stories

5x5 Clothing

An eager "Can I have 5 minutes of your time?" and a hand raised displaying five long hot-pink nails is what got me into this whole gig. Ra Ra approached us ladies at a party and pitched her idea for a clothing company with quick-turnaround limited-run pieces made in Thailand. I like what I hear... but the ultimate clincher was the stress on collaboration. Five ladies. Different styles, different influences, different contexts. Aren't 5 heads better than one?

Professionally, I'm fresh off the literary boat.  When it comes to fashion, this gives me a sense of the importance of narrative: please allow me this moment of cheese, but when I get dressed in the morning, I truly don't just put on an outfit, I put on a story. You know what I mean.

At this point, with all the goodness that the previous half-century has to offer, fashion is becoming more asynchronic than ever; I don't discriminate between old and new if it works with the theme I'm going for. One of my all-time favourites is what's known as "hey, d'you know you look like you're going on a safari?"-- cruising around town in a cream-coloured silk button-down with square breast pockets, a pair of high-waisted tan slacks (mom butt and all) held up by a square-buckled brown leather belt. Crude jewelry. Another fave is the haute crust look pictured here.

A dress made for a country singer
makes good in the country.
But is another clothing company really what this world needs right now? I admit I've wondered it, but I am proud to say that first and foremost we strive towards a sense of integrity as a collective, and that's what sets us apart. Ra Ra profiled the textile saleswomen she met at the fabric market, as well as the seamstresses who worked on our first run of pieces. How often have you really known who made your clothes, who measured out the fabric and who handled that chalk?

That's what I love about 5x5, and I really hope you'll love it too!

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