Monday, June 20, 2011

Who are you 5x5: Lee Lee: Leopard Princess

5x5 Clothing
Lee Lee

It's a really exciting time in fashion right now and it seems anything goes. The louder, crazier and more outrageous the better. Think Lady Gaga, Keisha, Katy Perry. But it's most exciting to help create what's next.

I myself am less of a risk taker and like to stick to the classics. I love anything girly and black. Feminine ruffles, lace, bows...anything cute... and am a total sucker for leopard print anything (side note: I question when I should stop wearing so much leopard.. surely there must be time in my life when I take a break from my fav print... or do I roll with it and settle nicely into my cougar years?).

I tend to wear a ton of black with a few pop colours here and there. My new obsessions include my nails, rings, scarves and l.a.m.b. bags. I guess I'm more of an accessories gal and it's something I look forward to exploring with 5x5.

So why 5x5? It's important to me because we have the potential to fill the void in many closets for the need of unique and interesting clothing. Our tight assortments, which are in limited runs, allow us to blow through styles quickly so that we are always offering something fresh and exciting. After all, fashion these days is faster than ever with new trends popping up every week.

I know we cannot be something to everyone, but I hope we can be something to those that matter. The ones with their finger on the pulse of fashion. The fearless ones looking for something more, something unique. The ones that care about products made with love, and the ones that search out hand crafted goods. Because as our motto says, 5x5 loves you and we want you to love us too!


Lee Lee

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