Monday, June 20, 2011

Who are you 5x5: LOLA: Hot n Bothered


For me, it all started when I was visiting RaRa in Thailand 2 years ago.  Seeing first hand the wonderful markets and super hipster vibes Bangkok had to offer was overwhelming.  I finally understood what she had been boasting about for years!!  From amazing one of a kind hand made jewelry, to weirdly shaped clothing, to super cute hair pins and accessories, the sky truly was the limit.  Thai style was simply blowing my mind not only for the outrageous clothing, (like good old wolfy), but also the “Thai sizing” :you have to be pre-teen to fit into many items, and I often felt like an amazon woman shopping, while the girls giggle at you as you try to cram yourself into those shorts you just have to have!!

As for the future of 5x5 (with the help of you) we plan to have each team member design their own line.   We as a group want to dress you with functional clothing that has a purpose in your life, makes you feel good and can go from day to night, with a great price tag!!  

My favorite item from our Spring/Summer line has to be the Misfit Dress.  It’s flattering and sexy without being so short that your vagina is hanging out (unless you touch your toes! wowzers!!).  I love how it’s perfect for all seasons, looks great with woolly black tights, boots and a jacket, or straight up flip flops and bare (pasty--in my case) legs.

I would suggest a coloured belt (red is best!) to define your waist.  Or take it as far as some gold thin chains and high top chuck Taylor's.  Hair: messy side braid to show off the back or a huge messy bun on the top of your head.  Add some hot bronze hoop earrings, and hit the town!  The dress doesn’t wear you in the slightest! 

So whats new for us?  Ra Ra is home for a 6 week visit, which means late nights, beers and shows!! (she has a natural talent to get you out and doing shit!!).  We are getting ready to do our official launch party at not my dog in Toronto this Tuesday. And Shi Shi's band Hotkid is about to go on tour with Sloan for a lil east coast Canada/USA tour.  

Thanks for your support thus far.  Hope you dig what we are doing; it’s truly from the heart and with your help we will be here for a while!!

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