Monday, June 20, 2011

Who are you 5x5: RA RA: Let's Play!


I like to dance.

I like to explore.

I like to run down streets and lay in the grass, ride motocycles through the mountains and drink beer by the lake.  

I live in Chiang Mai, a city nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, chock-full of the most temples and bars per capita (!) and night markets full of unique goodies, most of which are hand-made and/or manufactured in Thailand.

I like to cruise around town on my classic Honda motocycle, wearing anything that shows off my long legs, hoppin to bars with live music--if it’s 60s rock n’ roll, or Thai country, I’m a happy girl (sometimes this is the best music I can get in Chiang Mai, it's true...)   

I definitely have moments of missin’ Canada: I came to Thailand in 2006 to work on human rights and development projects, and currently work part-time coordinating a project on human rights advocacy in Asia.  

But a fiery girl like myself simply needs more.  5x5 Clothing was born out of the need to be creative yet also be connected with my grrls at home.  

Back in Canada, I designed and made my own clothes, studying under various aunties and moms since I was young.  But without a sewing machine here, the next best thing is to employ talented seamstresses to realize my fit n’ fancy clothing dreams.  

So in true 5x5 style, I declare: Let’s Play!!! 

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