Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5x5 Animal Prints: Mix it Up!

this bold boy is miles ahead of me!

Mix it up a lil why wont you??
Ladies, this year is the time to get wild!! Take the plunge and get some animal prints in your life!!

Even though my girl LeeLee has nothing but confidence rocking 'nuff prints, this year was my first time: I finally bought an animal printed tank top!!

As a former animal print virgin, I was a little scared to wear it, but once I had it, I needed more.   I guess my inner animal is getting down with itself and making up for lost time.  

Go on! Play around with how much or what size spot you wear.

DO!! Dress this Zebra up or down!!  Turn heads and feel great doing it!

DON’T!!  Love 'em all and rock 'em all.  Ladies it’s not the zoo, it’s your body!  It’s okay to wear one at a time.

Purr kitty Purr!! Yes she is missing a shoe, so what!  The dress is hot as fuck and will get anyone hot to trot.  

Animal prints are branded in fashion, so the key is to buy it in a timeless shape and re-rock it for years to come.... move over black dress?!?

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