Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Thai Designer I Love NoName


Oh Thailand,  how you have taught me the ways of DIY!

And who has been my teacher??


I Love NoName is an indie fashion label created by sister team Net and Nop (pictured left).

Specializing in off-the-wall dresses and clothes made with t-shirting-fabric, I Love NoName have long been an establishment of Thai indie fashion.

For the last ten years, their shop in Jatujak weekend market was setting the standards for Thai design.  They have since left the dirty streets of the weekend market for the indie upscale Siam Square, enticing foreigners and Thais alike to dive into their designs.

I love Noname shop in Siam Square

Who needs models when you have bears?

Nop rocks this dress regularly and when worn, looks like a killer kangaroo jumper

tank top plus shirt combo= layers of fun!
Net works her ass off for the DIY cause, and has helped 5x5 Clothing get on our feet!

Thanks I Love NoName!  5x5 Loves you! Lak na joop joop! [I love you! kiss kiss]

Check our their FB here and I love Noname website. 

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