Tuesday, May 24, 2011




Fashion Do, or Fashion Don’t: the topic of many heated discussions everywhere. 

I love the way “real” fur looks and feels, but naturally I hate the method by which it's collected. 

Despite the red riot acts, fur is still popular for 2011--especially with our cooler-than-usual Toronto spring!  From fox jackets to wolf shoes, fur seems to be making a quite a come back. 

Prada is never ashamed to let their vision hit the run ways. Their bold and tactful colour blocking almost gives the illusion that the fur isn't real!! 

Hitting the streets hard, Anna Dello Russo's already jumping aboard.  

Surprised!?!  I’m not, what a quick “shock alert”!! Throw on a man-fur and be talked about for weeks!! Smart or dumb, you decide....

And Kate Moss does look good in this monochromatic evening look, even though it's fur.

It's  a hard topic to discuss. 

Animal products have helped us stay warm: wool, leather, silk, and mole hair (just to name a few) are often considered “okay” materials to use.  Even though the hide from the cow is not “humanely” removed (in most cases) it hits the streets with fewer repercussions, in comparison to fur. 

I don’t like the idea of cute lil furry animals getting killed so we can look good either, but on the flip side, I can understand why it's not going to drop from the runways or the streets.  

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rararinpoche said...

wtf is that thing in the second picture? a purse? a vaccum cleaner?? i def think if yr gonna use real fur, don't dye it to look like a piece of fake crap! what a waste!

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