Friday, April 29, 2011

5x5: Fascinators


If you don't know what Fascinators are yet you will soon.  Fascinators or "fascies" are those lil' fancy hats and feather confections many of the ladies at Will and Kate's wedding were wearing.  Maybe you got up early to watch, maybe you couldn't care less?  Regardless, this 5x5 gal is impressed with the prevalence of crazy stuff chicks are walking around with on their heads.  I started making little feather fascinators at Christmas for my gal pals, I didn't know that's what they were called at the time but still thought they were pretty much the most fun and sophisticated thing I could think of putting on my head.

The Duchess of Cambridge now an official HRH in a fun "fascie."  Good ol' Katey here has really made this style popular. Here she's left her hair down and clipped this crazy looking thing to the front of her head.  I love it.

Princesses Eugene and Beatrice, Fergie's kids, at the royal wedding sporting some wild head gear.  Fascinating indeed!

This chick knows how to go all out.  Gloves, polka dots, and this Carmen Miranda head piece.  The dude beside her knows it's cool.

Posh and Beck's at the royal wedding.  Posh was wearing a dress from her own line, and this wild lil top hat lookin' fascinator.  You gotta hand it to the lady, preggers as can be lookin' bangin in a dress she designed herself.

Here's a simple little clip I made for myself using some feathers, a piece of felt for the base and affixed to a hair clip.

So what are you waiting for? Go pin something crazy to your head!


Lots of Love,
Shi Shi

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