Thursday, September 1, 2011

5x5 Grrl: Alexei Perry from Handsome Furs


Alexei Perry.  Super hot broad that tours around the world with her super hot husband in their really cool band Handsome Furs.

The Montreal-based power duo not only tour the world, but hit up obscure locations, bringing their mix of sweaty electronic post-punk dance music to wide-eyed fans in places like Rangoon, Burma, and (you guessed it!) my northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.

I met Alexei a couple of years ago when I interviewed them after their very first show in Thailand. I could not possibly mistake which chick Alexei was: she was rockin' tapered black pants that had circle hole cuts all down the front of them; a blue, shiny short apron-esque shirt, with exposed back; foot-long silver dangley earrings, and ridiculous neon heels.  

booty shorts and guns, what have i been tellin' ya girls??!!
Alexei's style-cravings were right at home in Bangkok; she tends toward a sophisticated yet dirty motif, punk inspired sharp edges, layers, with just the right amount of skin showing.  She often rocks long, dangling necklaces and fringes, which look oh-so-cool when she makes out with her keyboard.  

An excerpt from her tour blog on shopping in Bangkok:

There is no limit to the bargains and range of designs you can find here. After two hours, it's hard to determine whether you really like the mesh green jumpsuit or the gold suit jacket or the Aladdin-style stilettos or the batik dress shirts or the knockoff Gucci best.

I attempt at buying it all, but Pot [her guide] adamantly refuses one shop owner, on my behalf, because she doesn't think the price is low enough. Despite the fact that it's a pretty incredible sequined number with a lace tie and strange ducks sewn on to it and it only costs 2$ Canadian, I try to see Pot's side of things and relent.  I do, after all, have armfuls of things that will make some friends jealous and others deeply disturbed/amused by these new fashion leaps I'll be taking.
Haha.  Wicked.  

Check out my two videos from their show in Bangkok from 2009.  

The show:  

And the interview (check out my wicked bust line while you're at it)...sound gets better after the chatty Thais settle down :) 

Really cool Alexei, keep going strong and dirty!  


darling.nikki said...

YES! that's all I could think when I saw this post.

Double bonus.... two videos!! Holy mack that's cool RARA so into this band and what they are about. And plus Dan has one of the most powerful and intriguing voices in Canadian music.

Can not get better than fashionable babes and hunky guys playing awesome music....


5x5 Clothing said...

Handsome Furs may be coming back to Thailand soon, hope you'll be around for that!


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