Friday, September 23, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Shoes, Shoes & more Shoes!!


Shoes, a girl's best friend or worst enemy?

Fall is here, and so it goes NEW SHOES!! ('cause you just have to!!)  I, like most females, LOVE SHOES!! The higher the heel, the better for me, even though I'm 5'10 and most times feel like an amazon woman rockin my 4" heels.  Who cares I say, that doesn't stop me and my continued conquest for the perfect pair!

This fall is all about mixed prints, textures and platforms!!

It's time to put away those old dirty and tired flip flops and start giving your calves a good old work out again!  

OH NO!!  Looks like the duckie/penny shoe had sex and made a baby!
Always a good idea to buy a great shape and colour to wear more than one season! 
So what ya waiting for?  Get out there comb the city and find a great deal and adopt a new pair!  I always try to stay away from the 
"ultra trend", like fur shaggy boots ... 'cause let's not kid, they are never in style.  Just saying!!

um, Harry and the Henderson... Anyone?!?!!

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