Saturday, September 17, 2011

5x5: Beading and Beadwork

5x5 Clothing
Shi Shi

I guess somethings never go out of style! Beads have been used to adorn and beautify for centuries, traced  as far back as 5 000 years ago

Beads and pendants from neolithic era.
I love how beading looks and feels. It takes something simple and can transform it into something extraordinary.
These are some fab beaded vintage purses; cute and stylish since the 1800s.
Flapper dress
The flapper style of the 1920s featured straighter silhouettes embellished with fantastic beadwork.  If you dig this style you might want to go see the Woody Allen movie “Midnight In Paris.”  It’s worth it for the costuming alone. 

Marion Cotillard from "Midnight in Paris"
I've made some beaded pieces myself. Here is a piece of felt that I beaded with a variety of natural stone, shell and glass beads and attached it to a belt with a wolf pin. Ya! 
Beaded felt piece

 This deer hide and felt purse was a birthday present, bought at the Six Nations in Brantford, Ontario.  

Deer hide and felt purse with beading

If you’re in Toronto and love native north amarican bead work check out the Bata Shoe Museum exhibit on Native foot wear.
Cherokee Mocassin c. 1840
There are also some wild beaded and embroidered pieces at the Textile Museum of Canada.  You might get inspired yourself!  Get out those seed beads or look through gramma's drawers for that little beaded purse, why not! 

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