Thursday, September 8, 2011

5x5 Clothing: Olson's, Yup Into It!!


Yes this 5x5 girl is into the Olson's!!

See Ya Michelle Tanner, Hello fashion trend setters and successful business owners!!!  You either love them or hate them.  I think they are great!, who cares if MK (Mary-Kate) was in rehab for an eating disorder, or was into drugs.  What pre-teen doesn't struggle with identity and experiment with some kinda drugs and alcohol?!?
You're in big trouble Mr!!

At least she got help...most Hollywood kid stars keep fucking up over and over again.  Either it's drinking or drugs, driving when drunk or on drugs or both, shoplifting, cheating, saying sorry getting help just to fuck up again wake up 30 years later washed up and boring!  

Big time Babes!!  Shown here at Fashion week in Paris, these girls know how to dress,  they look like twins, but yet show they have two very different ideas for fashion and image.(and aren't afraid to show it)
At the prime age of only 24 I think these girls have proven they are here to stay.

 Getting some ideas for  
"The Row"
perhaps?  Double the brains, double the power, double the dynamic dual!!
Keep on being power bitches with complete beauty and style!! Bravo

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