Sunday, April 17, 2011

5x5: Fashion for Real People


I like naked chicks.

But when I saw this particular naked chick in Vision Magazine's Be My Rock Goddess, I did not like it.

Fashion should be about real people--not just dressing up girls to be used as masturbation material.

If you want a shoot with a rock goddess, why don't you try using a real rocker? 

Putting a guitar on a naked girl and sticking a cigarette in her mouth--nope, I don't buy it. That guitar is wearing the girl, she's got no power chick vibe at all!  

Here's a real girl rocker--HotKid's Shiloh Harrison. 5x5 Clothing is all about real people--don't fake it, ya know, be who you really are, not a victim of society's notions of what women should be like or what fashion is; claim the right to be real!

Thanks, just wanted to clear the difference.  


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