Monday, April 2, 2012

5x5: Dare to Flare!

5x5 Clothing

Silhouettes are changing again, y'all. We're talking bow-chicka-wow-wow back to the skin-tight-to-the-knee then fabric-free-for-all bellbottoms. 

Day: vintage tee, Levi's denim jacket, and a peep of last spring's
Swedish Hasbeen's for H&M.

This is in part a shout-out to JYD's shout out (Big Ups to RaRa's Camel Toe) to RaRa's O.G. Don't Fear the Camel-toe post. For camel-toes are oft involved in this 70s invocation. We're loving every split second of it! 

The class and sass of the Seventies:
ChloƩ Fall 2010

At your pool party in Malibu, drinking Valerian cocktails:
Alice + Olivia Spring 2012

We've seen the swingin' bellbottom making another comeback as early as Fall 2010 (think ChloĆ©). Now we're seeing it everywhere; from the over-the-top runway homages of Alice + Olivia to the witchy goth revivalists behind Bona Drag and Black Pyramid. Both viably sourced from the 70s. 

I've been sittin' on my own pair of crushed velvet bellbottoms for a little while now--are they kind of man-repellant or is it just me?--but they are freaking awesome and let me unleash my inner rock goddess.

Night: 5x5 Candy Crop Top, Vince Camuto platform clogs, rings up the wazoo.

Me and this girl had a similar idea. I'm a fan!

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