Friday, August 3, 2012

Deap Vally: Rockin some heavy style

5x5 Clothing

Deap Vally is a bluesy two-piece hailing from San Fernando valley in Southern California. Guitarist Lindsay Troy and drummer Julie Edwards are starting a buzz among lovers of dirty rock and hot ass alike.  

Described as Juliette Lewis covering the White Stripes, the girls are pushing the bad ass Thelma and Louise lifestyle.  I'm not quite convinced but, hey, I dig the style.  

The drummer rocks a body suit of sorts with white-fringed arms. Basically a must for a hot girl drummer.  Fringed white vest-shirts are a standard for the guitarist, as well. Nice work.  

Petal pink see-through camie-jumper in the hills, into it.  

A Bam-Bam style cropped vest-halter in leopard print and high waisted shorts. Yes pls.  

So, check out their new vid, see what you think.  There's a chance all that ass and sexy pizza eating may distract from their music though!! 

PS I hope that car is theirs

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