Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love n Care for your Vintage Fur!

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Vintage fur: a glamourous yes or political faux pas?

Upon coming back to Canada after mostly avoiding winter for many years, I didn't care much whether it was glamourous or politically correct. I was freezing and needed a solution ASAP! 

Thankfully I found a stellar blue fox fur coat (made in South Korea from Norwegian blue fox) second hand in my city for far less than what it was originally worth. Judging by the design and wear, I bet it was made in the early 80s.  

Although I vaguely feared someone throwing red paint on my fab find, I am consistently stopped on the street by people wanting to touch me....strange but I mostly can't say no to a petting ;)  

So ladies, here's what you need to know about buying and caring for your vintage fur:

  • First, make sure that all seams of the garment are still in tact, and there are no bald patches or scruffy areas. Wear tends to take place around the neckline, cuffs and elbows; rips in the armpits are common.
  • The fur should feel soft and supple, not brittle or waxy.
  • You should pay particular attention to the leather skins under the fur. Stiff, hard or cracked skins point to fur that was not well cared for. But I am told that even stiffened furs can be saved by skilled furriers (fur specialists!).  
  • Look out for yellowing in light coloured furs. You might want to bring your fur into the outdoor light to first make sure it hasn't been yellowed, by cigarette smoke for example. Smell the fur too! It shouldn't smell like mould! 
  • Check for any signs of insects too--little holes and patching.  

Look dreamy and warm!
Caring for your vintage fur:

  • Don't shove your fur in a dank closet with no air. Allow your fur to breath. This includes not storing your fur garment in a plastic bag. This is an ultimate fur no no!
  • Don't carry your purse on your shoulder or any other repeated actions that will wear fur in certain places. 
  • Avoid smokey places (or leave your fur in the car). 
  • Take your fur for cleaning every couple of years, I'm told this is the best way to ensure your fur lasts many winters.
So while you may not like the idea of fur, vintage stores in Toronto like the Public Butter are stocked full of second-hand furs looking for some love!  

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