Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5x5 Clothing: The Sophisticated Boom Boom!

5x5 Clothing

Hey 5x5 Girls! Meet the Sophisticated Boom Boom'!

The Sophisticated Boom Boom is a "dames DJing duo"--Deena and Claudia--kickin up flames in Glasgow, Scotland. Damn I wish I could make a scene at one of their vinyl dance party nights! 

In lieu of such debauchery, Deena has made 5x5 our own hot mix! Read our interview with Deena and boogie down to her mix. In your underwear. Why not??!!

RARA: Your bouffants and the highwaisted jeans are hard not to notice, what makes up your style pastiche? 

Part ‘purity of the past’, part ‘punk as fuck’. Since I am a girl who is more likely to hum G.G. Allin’s “No Rules” than any pop song on the radio, I wear what I like and feel good in, regardless of trends and naysayers. 

I was born to bouffant. Really. Growing up in North America, which is saturated in modern history and the documentation of it as it’s still a young country, I saw a lot of photos of highly stylized hairdos, it’s the final touch on a great outfit. But it wasn’t until I later, living in Japan, that I learned how to very easily create the look, while being dressed by some elder Japanese women for a tea ceremony. So with the affection for bouffants and beehives, and the skill set and tools to do it without any backcombing or hairspray, my hair is up more often that not, to great heights.

While my hair is rather reflective of the sixties, my fashion often takes its cues from the fifties. When it comes to fifties cuts, I fill out the curves perfectly. I have an hourglass figure and a long torso, so the high waisted bottom’s waistband hits me at my natural waist, my skinniest point. Dressing is a balancing act. I’d rather be conservative on the bottom and wear a lower cut top. I have the modesty of a nun but the bust of a prostitute, so I just go with it.

RA RA: What female singers/performers are top on yr list of cool? 

What a loaded question for me because I know that I will have a million additions moments after I send off this to you. To name a few in no particular order… 

Mary Weiss of The Shangri Las, Brenda Reid of The Exciters, Patti Smith, Mia Zapata of The Gits, Wanda Jackson, every single female in a 60s garage band, Barbara Lynn, Kate Bush, Irma Thomas, Nina Simone, Sugar Pie Desanto, Jacqui McShee of Pentangle, Bridgette Bardot, Claudia Nova of Aggi Doom (and the other half of The Sophisticated Boom Boom), Nancy Sinatra, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Ann Steel, Little Ann, Dolly Parton, Diana Dors, Kim Deal of The Pixies, Sparkle Moore, Nancy Sit, Sandra Sanger, Billie Holiday for having the balls to do ‘Strange Fruit’ with such agonizing conviction, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of The B52s, Bunny Labine (cigarette girl turned dj who helped get the whole go go dancing phenomenon on, I’m counting her as a performer in her own right), Reparata, Lulu’s Marble, Banarama, The Glass Torpedoes, all members equally of the aforementioned groups, oh geez, I’ll stop there, but there are a lot of ladies worth looking into on that list. 

RA RA: What new fashion exploits are up n' coming for you? 

I’m getting Goth these days. In a lady like way of course. There are several likely reasons for my return to the gothic in light of the darkness of the winter. 

1) I like the challenge of creating different looks in such a dark palette and it’s more so of one in the winter, when many layers are required.

2) Come hibernation I think of an ex who left me, a long time ago, feeling like a 60s Italian widow, darkness slyly slinking around in the summer sun. Thus in the time after him, I mourned without feeling, while looking like a technicoloured Fellini film; My version of Goth. It’s a look which I can easily execute.

3) It’s so grey in Glasgow that if I dress in all black, I can pretend I am in a black and white movie.

Lastly, because.. 4) As a Canadian living in Glasgow, I feel extra badass come wintertime. Love them as I might, they are ill prepared and unable to deal with winter well.

RA RA: If 5x5 was gonna make a Deena Line, what would it be?? 

Hmmm...Right now it would be: High waisted black slim fit jeans. A cropped leather t-shirt, ideally using vintage leather. A black velvet hooded cape. A navy wiggle dress with ¾ length sleeves and Queen Anne neckline. A red pinafore dress. 

And as a bonus... A 1950s style black one-piece bathing suit to make me want to book a vacation somewhere hot.

Thanks Deena!! 5x5 will be dancin' in Glasgow some day yet! 

If you are lucky enough to be in Glasgow, enjoy a night out with them, the first Thursday of every month at Nice’n’Sleazy, the third Saturday of the month at The Common Rooms, the last Friday at Mono, and all around town in the in between. They are available for international bookings.


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