Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romance is in the air, Happy Valentine's day!

Ha Ha!!


Hearts are in the air!

With Valentine's day just around the corner, it's time to consume and buy some over priced candies and flowers!  Me personally, I'm a lil jaded when it comes to Valentine's Day.  I think you should show romance to your lover daily.  Do special things that show you care about them every now and again.  The day can also make you a lil depressed if your lover forgot, or got you something you hate. (like white chocolate when you love dark)  Also if you currently don't have a lover, or you just broke up;  last thing you want is cupid running around with lovey 

How cute is this! 
dovey who the fuck cares bull shit. 

Did I say I was a lil jaded... 5555 yup! 

But my personal views aside, I do love the idea of the cuteness of the day.

With cute lil Valentines you can pass out, leaving a lil note to someone you have your eye on.  The overly dramatic balloons in restaurants, it's like New Years in February, you're guaranteed to get  laid!   Oh yeah, I said it!!

Now for some super cute tips, to help have fun on the day and night!!  

Dress in a super hot simple red dress and make a heart cut out for your love.  How special would that make them feel?!?! It's like a page right outta grade school, and you picked them... awwwww 

 If dresses aren't your thang, Try rocking some super sexy heels for the night!  Pair it with your super skinny dark denim pants and a simple tank top & cardigan will be sure to please.  Try pairing it with ruby red lips! Meow you're on fire now!!  Always remember the romance goes both ways, and your lover shouldn't be forgotten.  Mix it up this year, send him the flowers at work! (make sure the roses are pink).

Going on a date, why not bring him some chocolates or a heart shaped balloon?  Going on a first date, cinnamon hearts are simple and not too suggestive (that your crazy, and scare the guy off)  cause come on, your first date is Valentine's Day!  Have fun and think outside the box!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Won't you be our Valentine?!

xo Lola

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